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Transcribe Youtube

Transcribe Youtube

Get YouTube Videos converted to text.

To download the text transcript of a YouTube video:
- Copy/paste the URL of a YouTube video into the "YouTube Video URL" box
- Select if you wish a prefix in the "Category" box. This will prefix the name of the file if you choose to download the transcript of the video
- Press the "Request" button

The transcript should appear in the lower part of the screen.

Please Note that this tool only works for YouTube videos that have a transcript.

You can check if a video has a transcript by calling it in YouTube, clicking the '...' under the video and checking if it has "Open the Transcript" is there.

Creating a transcript without it existing on YouTube is possible but too demanding for this website at this given time.
Google Queries and Topics

Google Queries and Topics

Google Trends can give you good suggestions of topics or queries that trend.
This tool lets you download related topics and queries Trends related to up to 5 keywords.
The data is displayed in text format so that it makes it easy to use.
You can also save it into an Excel file by the press of a button.
Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a reference in the market to check if a keyword is trending or not.
This tool lets you check Google Trends for up to 5 keywords at the same time.
The data is displayed in text format so that it makes it easy to use.

You can also save it into a csv file analysis in a spreadsheet.
Here is the data retrieved and calculated rom Google Trends
- The last trending estimate
- The min estimate on the last 5 years
- The max estimate on the last 5 years
- An average on the last 5 years
- An average on the last year
- An average on the last 6 weeks

The tool will use up to 5 keywords, separated by commas.
It is recommend that you request keywords together so that you can see their performance related to each other
Parse Webpage Text

Parse Webpage Text

It is difficult to extract the text from a web page.
Here is a tool to do it with the press of a button:
  • - Copy/paste or type the address of a web page in the URL field
  • - Press Get Page Text
  • - The text of the web page should appear in the lower part of the screen
  • - You can arrange and modify the downloaded text
  • - You can download the text in the form of a text file (.txt) by pressing the Download button
  • nb: before saving, you can put a value to prefix the file name, for easier qualification
Tweet Graphs

Tweet Graphs

This tool lets you search tweets by keyword and/or user. You can also enter directly a Twitter query
The data is displayed in tabular format and also in graphs.

The graph available for the moment is a Sentiment/Subjectivity Scatter:
A Sentiment value around 0 indicates a neutral sentiment, while a positive value shows a positive sentiment and a negative value indicates a negative sentiment.
And the higher the subjectivity value, the more subjective the sentiment seems to be.
I want to implement more information in the future.
Leave a comment below if you want to give me some ideas.

The available search parameters are:
- Language:It will default to English if not selected, except if you enter a custom query in "query"
- Search:Enter one or several words to look for
- User:Enter a user you are interested in the tweets from
- Min Likes:Minimum number of likes per tweet
- Min Replies:Minimum number of replies per tweet
- Min Retweets:Minimum number of Retweets per tweet
- Query:A custom Twitter search command. You can build one with the help of
Google Suggest

Google Suggest

A classic way to find topics for blog posts or YouTube videos is to type a word in Google Search and look a the suggestions that appear. To increase the number of suggestions, you can type a word, a space and then different letters of the alphabet and note down the suggestions.
This is great but tedious to do it manually.

So this tool automates this process and you can save the data into a file for further processing.

  • - A keyword, which can be a group of words, like Santa Claus
  • - And a list of letters of the alphabet, separated by commas.
Then press the Get button.
And you will get the suggestions given by Google Suggest.
AI Text

AI Text

This tool generates text using AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Select the following parameters:
  • - Prompt: Give an indication to the the AI generator about what you want
  • - Temperature: Doses the randomness in the output. With a low temperature, the AI will select the words with a higher probability of occurrence.
  • - Max Length: The maximum length of text to be created.
Then press the Generate button.
And the generated text should appear below within a few seconds.
Markets Overview

Markets Overview

Get a Financial Markets Overview by selecting a combination of Indices, Stocks, currencies, crypto currencies and ETFs.

Enter a list of Financial Markets symbols like MSFT for Microsoft stock, EURUSD=X for Euro Dollar Exchange Rate :
Separate the symbols by commas, like: APPL,MSFT,EURUSD=X

This tool is based on Yahoo Finance interface so you can find the available codes at

Once you have entered a list of symbols, press the button "Generate"
And the markets orverview should appear below within a few seconds.

NB: is not affiliated, endorsed, or vetted by Yahoo, Inc.
It's a free tools website that uses Yahoo's publicly available API.
AI Summarizer

AI Summarizer

Summarize a text through Artificial Intelligence (AI).
To summarize a text:

  • - Type or paste some text in the Text area
  • - Press the "Summarize" button

Two summaries should appear:
  • - A short overall summary
  • - A longer summary, by block of text

You can save the 2 summaries into a text file by pressing the "Download" button.
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  2. Snapshot
  3. Video
I sometimes see a movie on TV or in another movie. I want to find the name of the movie or get more information about it, mostly on my favorite movies website: This tool lets you search in ways that are not avaialble on
  • - By actor(s) and/or director
  • - Year
  • - Genre
  • - Rating

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